1. Vignettes

Display your favorite vintage collections by grouping items together – read more about how to create vignettes here.

Vignettes are fun to create and a wonderful way to showcase some of your favourite heirlooms.  Including vintage or antique items in your decor really adds interest and personality to your home. 

vintage vignette
greek pots, silver tray
table vignette, cottage style

2. Vintage + Modern

Mix it up! Combining vintage pieces with more modern elements will give your decor interest and make it uniquely your own. Using classic, vintage items like colourful rugs and vintage silver combined with clean, modern lines in furniture or artwork will add some old-world charm to your decor, and make it feel more welcoming.

vintage silver tray
bathroom decor

3. English Cottage Style

This relaxed, but dignified design style combines perfectly with coastal living. Think Jane Austen – florals and chintz, white slipcovers and pastel colours.

Wood tray, farmhouse heart
vintage silver tray
mcm pillow

4. Less is More

Gone are over-cluttered shelves and layer upon layer of decorative accessories.  It’s time to showcase your most treasured pieces by allowing some space around them.  This means the pieces that you have on display must be carefully selected and in keeping with your homes aesthetic.  Beautiful glass vessels, silver simple or ornate trays and bowls, simple floral arrangements in a repurposed vintage container.


vintage silver vase
Vintage silver footed dish
vintage silver dish

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