5 Kitchen Remodelling Tips

guest post by Eric Mellmer

It’s easy to hold off on your kitchen remodel, especially if you don’t know where to start. But, 2020 might just be your year! There are several beautiful, modern trends you should consider implementing in your own kitchen.

What you remodel depends on your budget and the scale of your remodel. So, we’ve discussed some small changes you can make as well as more costly ones. But, keep in mind that you don’t need to follow all of these tips exactly. Hopefully you find some inspiration here!

Creative Backsplash

Today’s kitchens often feature one or two elements that really make the space pop. One of the more popular elements is a creative backsplash. With a backsplash that contrasts your kitchen cabinets or countertops, you can really make it an attention-grabber!


Tile backsplashes are incredibly popular in 2020 and you have several options: ceramic, stone, and cement, among others. Ceramic is without a doubt the most modern look, so if you’re going for that look, try a ceramic backsplash out!


If not, stone and cement evoke a rustic, old-fashioned look. But these materials are beautiful in modern settings as well. Other popular materials include marble, brick, and slate.


You also have to decide on a color; this year white is one of the most popular choices, often used to blend seamlessly with a white-themed kitchen. But if you really want this piece to stand out, go with a contrasting color or colors, like a multi-colored tile backsplash, which is gaining popularity this year.

Open Kitchen

Space is a luxury in your home and an open kitchen can really make your kitchen feel roomy and comfortable.

Open kitchens are convenient for several reasons:

  • It’s easier to converse with your guests while cooking
  • You can move in and out of the kitchen quickly and efficiently
  • It gives you more space for storage, for additional cabinets or a kitchen island

Not to mention that an open kitchen is sure to catch the attention of your friends and guests. Explore Pinterest for some inspiration!

Flat Panel Cabinets

Modern and minimalist are the two Ms of remodeling in recent months – and flat panel cabinets showcase this style to a T. Flat panel cabinets have no handles; instead, you can open the cabinet using a groove in the side or bottom.

It’s a really simple design but gives kitchen cabinets a sleek look and feel. They are a versatile option for your remodel too; they look great in nearly any kitchen!

Make a Statement with a Concealed Vent Hood

While we’re on the topic of minimalism, a concealed range hood is gaining traction in 2020. Concealed range hoods are range hood inserts that fit inside a custom hood or your custom cabinetry.

You can design your custom hood however you like; then the range hood insert simply slides inside the hood!

Other popular range hood styles include wall mounted range hoods, island range hoods, and under cabinet vent hoods. These hoods are built with exterior stainless steel housing, with built-in fans. You can’t go wrong with a range hood, but lately, people love the sleek look of a range hood insert.

Overhead Lighting

You can never have too much lighting in your kitchen, right? Hanging lighting is very popular, especially pendant lights! This will keep you on task in the kitchen and they’re a great fit in kitchens with high ceilings! You can also consider lighting above your countertops and under the kitchen cabinets.

You have so many options for overhead lighting, and you’re free to customize your kitchen space however you like: the number of lights, type of lights, their hanging height from your ceiling, the fixture material (glass, stainless steel, open, etc.)…the possibilities are endless!

We hope you enjoyed our five tips on remodeling your kitchen for 2020. Good luck with your remodel!