Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are like giant pillow cases that you can slip your duvet or comforter into. We make our duvet covers one at a time, in our studio, so that every one is cut out and sewn perfectly. We use high-quality zippers at the bottom end, so that you can easily insert your duvet and remove it. We also offer optional ties on the inside corners if you want to secure the corners of your duvet to the cover.

Advantages of using a NikkiDesigns duvet cover:

• Prolongs the life of your duvet
• Saves time, energy and money in not having to wash your comforter as often, as most have to be taken out to be cleaned.
• Protects you against dust mites, which can trigger allergies
• Can be machine-washed
• You can change to look of your bedding easily without having to buy a new duvet
• Provides extra weight, keeping you warmer in cold climates
• Perfect fit – our ready-made duvet covers are made to fit standard size duvets. Our custom duvet covers can be made to any specifications.
• Our organic fabrics are made without the use of chemicals and harsh dyes, and are not treated with fire retardants or stain resistant protectors, making them better for the environment and healthier to have on your bed!
• Our colours and prints are classic and nature-inspired and will create a peaceful, serene environment for your bedroom that will look beautiful for many, many years.