The goal of life is living in agreement with nature

– Zero

“To provide beautiful, well-made, functional, earth-friendly products to people all over the world. To provide fast, friendly, personalized service, offering both ready-made and custom options.”

Why I do What I do

My mother taught me how to sew when I was a little girl, and I have been designing and sewing ever since then. Fabrics, sewing and design are all things that I am passionate about.

About 15 years ago I needed a new duvet cover for my bed. I shopped around, found one I liked, bought it and brought it home. I put my duvet in it and had it on my bed for a week. The first time I washed it, I carefully followed the manufacturer’s directions. When I took it out of the dryer, I noticed it looked a little funny. It was very wrinkled, so I laid it on my ironing table. It had twisted and shrunken so much that it was impossible to lay flat or even iron. In fact, it was no longer usable. Being a seamstress, I knew what had happened. The layers of the duvet cover had not been cut out “on grain”, that is, not cut out straight along the grain of the fabric. The fabric print was probably not printed “on grain” to begin with. When items are mass produced this type of care and attention to detail are overlooked. We’ve all had a T-shirt or top that after one washing, the side seams seem to wrap around your body instead of going straight down the sides! It’s frustrating and a waste of money and the earth’s resources when this happens.

Because of my experience with the duvet cover, I decided to make my own. I started to research what the best fabric would be. I wanted fabric that would be comfortable to sleep with, strong enough to last many, many washings, and that was grown without harming the environment. In fact, the more I read about all of the many chemicals and pesticides used to grow cotton, the more determined I became to use organic fabrics. I discovered that hemp, the oldest fiber known to man, can be grown in any soil conditions, with little or no extra watering, and that it requires no chemical fertilizers or pesticides to grow. It is also super strong, naturally mold and mildew resistant, gets softer with every wash, and can be dyed naturally, in beautiful colours. I think I found my fabric!
I made my first duvet cover, loved it, and knew I wanted to provide products like these to people everywhere. I opened my first online store in 1997, on etsy, where only hand-crafted goods were sold. I discovered that there is a huge demand for high-quality, well-made products, that are sold by people who really care about what they are making. I am so happy to be part of that movement. I love my clients and I love to help them. Every day I talk to people all over the world who just want a healthy product in their home. Sheets and bedding and window coverings for their families that won’t off-gas potentially harmful chemicals, which cause difficulty breathing, asthma, and even cancer. We know that eating organic food is the right thing to do, doesn’t it make sense that using organic fabrics is also better for our environment and better for our health?
To put it in perspective, it takes about 1 cup of chemicals to grow enough cotton for 1 t-shirt. A duvet cover uses 10x the amount of fabric as a t-shirt, so imagine the bucket you use to wash your floor, filled to the top with chemicals. That is how much is used to grow the cotton for a queen size duvet cover. You would not keep those chemicals anywhere near your house! Every time you wipe your mouth with a napkin, tuck your children into bed, lower your shades or close your curtains, you are potentially releasing these chemicals. Studies have been done that prove they cause skin irritations, difficulty breathing, asthma, and even cancer. Why take the chance?

Our Promise


Core Value

Each customer is important and valued.


Core Value

Every product is made to our highest standards.


Core Value

To always be improving.

Core Value

To respect the planet.

Core Value

Honesty and open communication.


We will show that each customer is important and valued by responding to emails and phone calls quickly. By answering questions and providing accurate quotes, help and information to the best of our ability. We will follow up on all purchases.

We will continue to make our products, one-at-a-time, taking care that they are cut out and sewn properly, and that our fabrics are of good quality.

We will strive to always be improving our techniques and designs, and be sourcing new fabrics and products that solve problems and make life easier and better for our customers.

We will continue to be eco-friendly in every aspect of our business – from using recycled paper and packaging materials, to providing organic and sustainable fabrics and products, to using compact fluorescent lighting in our studio.

We will always be honest with our customers and with each other.