Our Goal

To provide you with beautiful, well-made, sustainable window coverings and home goods. To help you feel safe, warm and comfortable in your home.  

Why I do What I do

My parents are from the Netherlands.  This heritage is part of who I am.  My mother taught me to appreciate good quality and good design.

My mother was very “hands-on”.  When I was young I remember her tiling our bathroom, painting our bedrooms whatever colour we wanted (including my brother’s black ceiling), wallpapering and sewing everything from dresses for my sisters and I, to outdoor patio furniture.

Her “can-do” attitude and willingness to help others in need has always inspired me to be creative and to volunteer in my community.


I started NikkiDesigns in 2005 because I saw that there was a need for hand-crafted bedding, made from pre-shrunk, organic fabrics.  I wanted to use my talents as a seamstress and a designer in a way that would help people be really comfortable in their homes.

I believe our homes should be a reflection of who we are, and that they should be stylish, cozy and welcoming.  I love to help others acheive this feeling and style in their homes, whether it is with my products, or my design assistance.

I look forward to helping you create a home that you love and to getting to know you.  If you are new to Vancouver Island, I can also introduce you to all this amazing island has to offer.  

Our Promise


Core Value

Each customer is important and valued.


Core Value

Every product is made to our highest standards.


Core Value

To always be improving.

Core Value

To respect the planet.

Core Value

Honesty and open communication.


We will show that each customer is important and valued by responding to emails and phone calls quickly. By answering questions and providing accurate quotes, help and information to the best of our ability. We will follow up on all purchases.

We will continue to make our products, one-at-a-time, taking care that they are cut out and sewn properly, and that our fabrics are of good quality.

We will strive to always be improving our techniques and designs, and be sourcing new fabrics and products that solve problems and make life easier and better for our customers.

We will continue to be eco-friendly in every aspect of our business – from using recycled paper and packaging materials, to providing organic and sustainable fabrics and products, to using compact fluorescent lighting in our studio.

We will always be honest with our customers and with each other.