Choosing the Right Window Coverings for Your Home

One of the most exciting parts about moving into a new home or redecorating is incorporating some of your personality into it. It’s an opportunity to create a home that you have always envisioned. The truth is, there’s more to it than just picking out the decor. Think about the basics and what is needed, one of those necessities are definitely window treatments. Windows are the eyes of your homes’ soul, they enable you to play with light, ambiance and allow for the comfortable view to the outside.


Here are a few key points you should bear in mind and that will ensure you to purchase the best window treatments for your needs:


  • What sizes are your windows?
  • How much light do you want to let in?
  • Different treatment for a different room
  • The privacy you wish to have


Window Size Matters

Window treatments can enhance a room while also being an important factor for lighting and privacy. The size of your window will affect what looks best and what type of treatment is the most practical.

Treatments for Small Windows

Small windows shouldn’t be left behind, there a few options to consider when deciding which window treatments to choose:


  • Opt for roller shades which can look great in kitchens and bathrooms. The streamlined, contemporary design is complementary to smaller windows.
  • Roman shades can also be a good option.

Treatments for Large Windows

Large windows can easily provide fresh air and allow natural daylight into your home. If you want to control the amount of sunlight entering the room, consider drapes with a blackout lining or shades that you can adjust.


But since drapes do add more elegance, going with natural colors and choosing an elegant curtain rod would complement the whole style in your room.

Different Treatments for Different Rooms

Every room in your home deserves special attention. The window treatment in each part of the house will differ, so it’s best to think about what is useful, not only about what looks good and matches the interior.

 What’s Best For Your Bathroom?

 The window treatment in your bathroom will have to withstand moisture and heat. Roman shades look great but they will absorb the moisture so they’re not a good choice.

 Here’s what we suggest:

 Use Honeycomb shades. They will provide the room with adequate light and privacy at the same time. The design is subtle so the shades will easily blend in.

Avoid genuine wood shades. Instead, opt for faux wood shades that will be able to withstand conditions.

Vinyl shutters have a modern feel, and the material is ideal for bathrooms. So, this could be also a good choice



Which window treatment is right for your living room depends on how often you use it and for what purposes.

 Control the amount of light with Roman shades. They are available in multiple variations, colors, and designs so you can find something that suits the room.

 If you are eco-conscious, for sustainability, you can use cellular shades and filter light to add a layer of insulation. Alternatively, for those who prefer something classic and durable, wood shades or shutters may be the best fit.


To sleep better, add coziness to your bedroom and curb the heating costs, you might need blackout shades.

Investing in custom shades or shutters, adding a black-out panel to your shades or installing roller shades that can block light at any time of the day can be also a good idea. It all depends on the style you want to have in your bedroom.


If you are looking right now to enhance your room’s aesthetic with your window treatment, besides a style, try to think about the importance of the right window treatments and benefits you can have in a long term. The final choice is yours!

written by Zana Dodig.  

Zana is a window treatment consultant with over 20 years of experience.