How to Prepare your Home for the Holiday Season on a Budget

With the festive season approaching at lightning speed, it’s about time you start planning how you’ll organize your house for the next few weeks. 

Before you decide about things like clothes, guests, food, or holiday trips, there’s one basic task you have to undertake; preparing your house! From putting up new curtains to clearing out the attic to deep cleaning the gas oven, you will need to figure out what everything will cost.

However, the festive season is also a time where people may end up overspending their year-long savings merely in good spirits. Then, when you need some extra cash for any sudden expenses, the strain to manage it can often dampen your holiday spirits! 

So, how do you organize and execute your seemingly endless house prep ideas? Here’s a brief, all-in-one list to help you out every holiday season!

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1. Make a List of All Your Expenses

Yes, all expenses. From that highly mandatory faucet change to that guilty pleasure of yours in buying new duvets, you need to do a deep dive into what everyone is planning for the house, and the corresponding expenses that correspond with these plans. 

For this, you may start off with a room-wise list. Take your guest bedroom. What are the potential expenses here? The necessary ones may include a new room light or new bedding.

Or maybe sending the carpet to the launderer.  Similarly, you can go around the house and make a list of the expenses that may be needed or wanted in the bathrooms, garden, garage, porch, lounge, rooftop, kitchen, home office, and other areas. 

Rank those needed renovations or purchases from high to low priority and then decide in what to invest according to the budget.

2. Clean and Declutter

Next step, clean every speck of dust, grime, and debris from any and every corner of the house. You can do this step-by-step.  First, pick a room and find out the type of clutter and mess that it contains.  From routine sweeping and mopping to a wardrobe makeover, you may perform all the steps that a room needs. Then, sort out the clutter and sell off or throw away things that you don’t need.

If your budget allows, you can contact professional cleaners and enjoy a squeaky clean house for the holidays.

If you can’t afford professional cleaners, maybe you can find some comfort in the fact that cleaning and decluttering can work as a therapeutic experience and help you declutter your mind for the upcoming holiday season!


3. Make DIY Decorations



Holiday seasons call for endless sessions of decoration. Even with simple baubles and arts and craft supplies, the expenses in these festive decorations can pile up quite high. So, with a dozen other expenses pending, you may want to cut down some of the costs in this section, right? 

Luckily, Nikki’s Designs has managed to create some of these incredibly helpful festive decor and gift item tutorials for everyone to try out. Take a look at this DIY gift bag, for instance. It’s affordable, creative, and easy to make even during the holiday season! Check out more DIY green Christmas ideas and get ready for the low-budget but very festive holiday season.

4. Take Advantage of Sales

Literally, every single place that may sell anything from a pencil cell to a software program to a residential property, introduces sales and discounts to its customers to help them multiply their happiness during the holidays. 

Of course, the best time to buy Christmas decorations is when the holiday season ends so maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea to have in mind. Try to survive this holiday season with the decor you have and then buy decorations after the holidays when they, most certainly be – on sale. 

This is a strategy you can adopt in other seasons to save a lot of money. For example – try buying outdoor furniture and garden supplies in winter when they are on sale.

5. Invest in Decorations That Makes You Happy

Lastly, spend wisely on décor, because a little can go a long way if it’s good enough. For example, you can customize your home with lights! Just think about it – and how much joy would it bring to the children and the whole family. For best effect, we suggest hiring a Christmas light installation company making sure you can be safe and that there are no hanging wires that look out of place.

You can also make your home more energy-efficient to spend less on the electricity bill!

felted owl ornament



Ready to hit the stores? Make sure you organize your house and everything in it before you leave. This way, you’ll be able to spend less, spend better, and spend only on items you truly need!


Nikolay Nikolov is a professional gutter and window cleaner. Nikolay is proud when he is able to help his fellow locals unclog and clean their gutters, clean their windows, driveways, eavestroughs and install their holiday lights. He loves what he does and his motto is to make the world a happier & cleaner place one home/business at a time.