No time to decorate?

Every year I find myself getting a little stressed about when I will find time to start decorating my house for Christmas. I like to entertain and have my house looking welcoming and warm and full of holiday cheer. When my children come home for Christmas I want it to feel like it did when they were little. But how to find the time to decorate?

We all have busy schedules and finding the time and energy to decorate your home can seem like a daunting task. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of tips and ideas to help you decorate cheaply, quickly and simply, so that your home will feel welcoming and cheerful this Christmas season. My style is very natural and rustic, which helps keeps things inexpensive and simple.


  1. Make a plan.  Schedule the time to do your decorating.  I find I like to spread it out over 2 weekends, so that it is more manageable.
  2. Enlist some help.  If your children are old enough, ask if they’d like to help.  Let them know ahead of time when they will be needed.
  3. If your boxes of decorations are not labelled, start labeling them this year!  I sort my decorations into separate boxes and label what is inside them.  For example, indoor lights, outdoor lights, garlands, ornaments, nativity scene, wreaths, etc.

Before Decorating:

  1. Fill a box with any accessories and nick nacks from your shelves, mantle and tables so that you have clean surfaces to work with.
  2. Go outside (if you are in the country!), armed with garden shears and a basket or box.  Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from sap.  Cut lots of evergreen branches and some bare ones.  Gather pine cones if you find any.

Here are some of the supplies I like to have on hand:

  • containers – baskets, pottery jugs, vintage coffee pots, silver bowls, glass vases, glass jars, metal bowls or colanders
  • rafia
  • burlap
  • white or red pillar candles
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • twine
  • mini-lights
  • artificial sprays – silver or gold or berries
  • ribbon to make bows or ready-made bows

Front Entry

Evergreen topiaries decorated with pine cones and lights make a very quick and easy entry welcome.  Add a stencil letter to the container with the first initial of your last name for an added touch that will look great all year long.  Instructions here


christmas, decorating, topiary

Add an evergreen wreath to your door to complete the look.  Make your own, or buy one at your local nursery or home store.

wreath, evergreen, fresh, holiday, christmas

Coffee Table

 I like to make a low arrangement for my coffee table, using things I already have.  Tip:  epsom salts make a great base for candles!

the real flower company

christmas, centerpiece, easy

Dining room Table.  For your dining room table, the arrangements can be a little higher and bigger.

christmas, candles, centerpiece

christmas, decorating, easy, table

christmas, decor, table, reindeer, woodland

christmas, display, arrangement, decorating


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