Well it’s officially December. Between work and school lately I’ve put off any preparation for the upcoming holiday season. But with projects almost finished and a rare day off with my roommate we decided to finally start our decorating. With Frank Sinatra crooning some carols and rum and Almond Fresh Noel Nog (Vegan Eggnog that’s better than the real thing) we quickly added some festive touches to our living room.

And since Christmas is a time for crafting for me I’ve compiled a few DIYs to inspire you lovely readers to create your own eco friendly holiday space.

 Alternative CHristmas Trees J

1. Liveeco 2. Ethical Ocean 3. Liveeco 4. Belladia

Alternative trees are great for small apartments, people allergic to the real deal, or people looking to keep the trees in the ground instead of in the living room.

Gift Wrappingj

1. Popsugar 2. Splashofsomething 3. Keepingwiththetimes

Store bought paper isn’t exactly environmentally friendly and can look generic under the tree. Why not continue in the path of saving trees while adding a personalized touch to your gift wrapping with these cute ideas.

And a few more ideas to add a touch of DIY green this holiday season:


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