Hey there!  Today I thought I’d talk about vignettes and show you some simple ways to create coffee table vignettes.

First of all, what is a vignette?  In interior design, a vignette refers to a small grouping of decorative objects, put together to showcase favourite objects or to create an interesting display. You are hearing a lot about them lately, because they are a fun, easy way to change up your decor!

How to Create Coffee Table Vignettes

Step One.   Find a tray.  The size and shape of the tray should correspond with your coffee table.  For example, a large table can handle a large tray.  The shape of the tray also matters.  Round trays look great on round coffee tables, but they can also be used on other shape tables, as long as the size is balanced.  Large hardcover books can also serve as a tray.  Place your tray or book on your table and stand back.  Does it look too small?  Does the style of the tray complement your room decor style?  You may want to add a table runner under the tray to add another layer of texture and interest.  It will also protect your table from possible scratches.

Table vignette   shop for these pots

Step Two.  Gather some items together.  Choose pieces that are similar in either colour, texture or style.  Make sure you have items of different heights.  You also want to have some fresh or faux greenery on hand.  Small vintage books are also handy for elevating objects.  Choose three main objects and place them on the tray.  They should be large enough to fill the tray.  If two items are the same height, add a book or wooden riser underneath one of them so that all the main items are of different heights.  You can also add faux or real flowers or grasses or branches to a vase to add height.  If you have extra items, try swapping some out until you have an arrangement that looks balanced and cohesive.

Also consider – What season are you in?  If you want it to be a seasonal vignette, then choose items that reflect that season.  For example, in winter you may want to include branches with berries, pine cones, evergreen branches, or a Christmas ornaments.  In Spring try using Spring florals, pastel colours, a bird’s nest or moss, a clay bunny or an ornamental bird.  A Fall vignette could include a Fall bouquet of orange, rust and yellow flowers, dried grasses, or a pumpkin spice fragrance candle.  I summer I like to use shells, blues, greens and whites, fresh flowers – anything that makes me think of the beach and summer days and nights.

winter vignette

A winter vignette, using a vintage silver tankard, faux Christmas tree and a pine cone on a white ceramic platter.

A summer vignette, using a wooden tray, small vase, candle and driftwood.

Fall vignette

A Fall vignette, using containers of varying heights, and a few handmade fabric pumpkins.  Shop for plant pots and vases and all kinds of trays

Spring vignette

A Spring vignette, using a snake plant, a vintage silver pedestal dish with faux moss and decorated eggs, and a lovely ceramic bird.

All photos are by NikkiDesigns

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