Vegan Designers

Vegan Designers

Leather and fur are very popular these days but there are still designers who avoid using them or any other animal products. They still create amazing lust worthy looks.  I find it frustrating sometimes when I want something of great quality with, say, a leather look...

Vegan Shoes for the Winter

Winter calls for a studier shoe that can withstand some cold, rain and perhaps even snow! Here are a few vegan shoes that fit the bill. Olsenhaus Beyond Skin Mink Shoes Vegan Chic For more vegan shoe options, click here.

Eco-Friendly Shoes

Eco-friendly shoes are shoes which have been made, produced and sold in an ecologically friendly way. Some are vegan or vegetarian, meaning they do not contain any animal products.  Others may use all-natural ingredients. Many companies who make eco-friendly shoes try...