Leather and fur are very popular these days but there are still designers who avoid using them or any other animal products. They still create amazing lust worthy looks.  I find it frustrating sometimes when I want something of great quality with, say, a leather look but I don’t want to purchase actual leather; that can be hard to find!  Also, did you know that the dying process of real leather uses over 200 chemicals? There is a such thing as high quality faux leather and faux fur. So today I want to share a few vegan designers as well as some great fur and leather alternatives.

The daughter of Paul McCartney is one of the biggest names in fashion to start the movement of using no animal products in her designs. She clearly labels her items as being “faux”.
Elizabeth Olsen (Mary Kate and Ashley’s younger sister)’s line OlsenHaus consists of some amazing vegan shoes.
High end vegan handbags for both men and women. Their new line uses upcycled plastic bags!
Incredibly realistic looking faux fur. This brand displays a symbol to actually show that it’s faux fur rather than having people think it’s real. They really want to show people that faux fur can look the same as real.
This brand aims to be very eco-friendly and as a result, is also vegan. The looks are meant to hold up during any season and always remain on trend to avoid the need to always be buying new clothes.
One store that carries a great variety of vegan shoes is Lulus

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