Today, more than ever, we are living in a world that is always looking for the newest and greatest things. Whether it is technology, toys, clothing, food, or medicine, we naturally want the best devices and inventions around to improve our happiness, health, and homes.  Unfortunately, these advancements often come with a hidden cost. After all, it’s no secret that today’s items aren’t always created from the most eco-friendly or sustainable materials that can wreak havoc on our environment and health.

In recent years, obviously more and more people are becoming more aware of the substances and chemicals we are are bringing into our homes. Study after study is finding alarming levels of indoor air pollution, frightening amounts of harmful chemicals in our water systems, and even toxic chemicals in the blood supply of newborn babies. Which has led many of us to question the items we use on a regular basis and to begin looking for healthier solution.

Surprisingly, we may already have the answer residing in our homes and backyards: plants. In fact, plants are versatile, easy to purchase, and adaptable for any home or garden. With a little awareness, we can naturally incorporate the best plants into our lives to boost our happiness and health.

Yes, besides providing us with food and oxygen, plants provide us with many benefits that are worth noting. Plants can purify the air and remove harmful chemicals to help us breathe easier. A little flower power can brighten our homes and improve our moods, but they have also been proven to aid in the relief of anxiety, ADHD symptoms, depression, and negativity. If that isn’t amazing enough, plants have been shown to decrease stress levels, be used as remedies, improve our beauty regimens, improve the taste of food, and so much more.

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Sarah Smith is a freelance writer and content designer.