One of the least favorite things of children seems to be bath time. They don’t want to be stuck in a tub when they could be out playing with their friends or watching a favorite television show. However, being dirty isn’t a viable option, either. Therefore, it might be easier to do some bathroom remodeling to help your child get in the mood for bathing.

To start with, look at your bathroom like your kid would. Try to spot what they don’t like and how you can fix that. Areas that aren’t easily approachable to kids can be a detriment to them wanting to be around them. Also, if the colors are dull and boring, kids just aren’t going to be receptive. If at all possible, let your kids have their bathroom and re-decorate it.


Choose a theme that fits in with your child’s interests when you start to redecorate the bathroom. You can create a mural with cartoon characters or certain animals. Then choose accessories around that particular theme. These can include themes of an aquarium, jungle safari, or a favorite fairytale. Paint the walls or use wallpaper that fit in with the chosen theme, and add accessories that will match. How about giving complementary colors that are in the bold shade a try, so that it will draw more attention to the few themed items?



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Next, work on creating an environment that’s kid friendly. Use fixtures that can grow as your child grows. For instance, if you have a shower and tub combined system, kids can learn how to bathe at any age. To begin with, put up a shower curtain that fits with the rest of the theme. Later, you can change that into a hard glass door. In this way, the design can be safe as well as stylish.

For a bathroom with limited space, or if you cannot dedicate one bathroom totally to your child. Begin by decorating to suit your tastes. Then add some things that your child will enjoy.

Put in plenty of safe toys to play with while bathing as well as kid friendly soap and shampoo. Include their towels with favorite characters as well as slip resistant mats and rugs. You can make bath time a lot happier for your child.

It is easier to give them a bath with toys and things like that rather than coercing them into what they think is an odious task, the repeated experience of which will make them hate the bathing experience even more. 

To find out what your kids like, all you need to do is ask what they like. They have some idea and will give you an insight into their preference. You may even discover that they want something that is so easy to do and that is cheap at the same time. You can always find something that is cheap and that your kid will like. You can usually find anything that your kid will want through websites. You can notice any theme that your kid wants and you can usually find it for a nice bargain. Given below are some common accessories kids prefer to play with during bath time or parents use as a distraction. 

1.Toddler Bath Toy Ducks: It is a toy in a shape of a duck, usually yellow but available in all colors. Generally, rubber ducks are designed to be used as floating bathtub toys and may be equipped with a squeaker that makes a sound resembling the quack of a real duck. Toy bath ducks may have holes in the bill on top or at the bottom that allows the toy to take in and then squirt water. There is also an assortment of color boats and balls which are ideal distraction tools. To make it more playful and enjoyable, including bath toys with colorful designs. 

2.Bubbles: Adding a small amount of bubble bath is also a grand idea. Almost every kid loves to play with bubbles. Use a mild combination of bubble bath or baby soap to create the bubbles so that it won’t hurt their eyes or sensitive body parts. 

3. Bath paints and bath chalks: Many parents make use of bath paints and bath chalks to effectively keep their kids engrossed in their play and forget that they are having a bath. It is fun for them to draw on the sides of the tub or shower walls. Although these are entertaining, most parents prefer to use this tactic only occasionally because it may get a little messy sometimes.

4. Cleaning accessories: These include a clean, soft towel and washcloth, mild soap, a mild shampoo, and a good, soft bath brush. Baby towels and wash clothes are supposed to be made from pure fabrics which are ideal for a toddler’s smooth and sensitive skin. There are wide varieties of bath towels and wash clothes to choose from. When buying bath shampoo and soap for toddlers, you have to choose the ones that are delicate for their skins. If you prefer, you may go for organic shampoo and soaps which are hypo-allergenic and cannot hurt the eyes of toddlers.

5. Mirrors: When looking at decorating bathroom mirrors for young children, they appreciate seeing some of their favorite stickers on the lower corners of the mirror, making the room seem more kid-friendly. The stickers are easy to apply and just as easy to remove without causing permanent damage.

6. Spout covers: There are some advantages to having a tub that has a spout cover. The principal benefit of such spout covers is that they protect small children who could very easily hurt themselves from the uncovered tub spout, as they take a bath. 

Finally, it is always a good idea to collect a lot of different accessories for the toddlers since they will probably want another in a month or so. Also, make the bathroom environment look attractive and comfortable for a kid and even an adult too by adding child-friendly items on the walls and surroundings so that the kid may not be suggested by the seemingly adult paraphernalia usually found in every bathroom.

Guest post by Lori Longoria


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