Looking for ways to create an inviting, fresh look for your outdoor living space without breaking the bank?  I have rounded up a few ideas that are easy to do, and don’t cost a lot.

One hot trend in outdoor design right now is to use natural materials that you can find locally.  Recycled timber, local rocks, plants and grasses all create a very natural, rustic look.

 Ask your neighbors if they have any plants they are dividing in the Spring that you can have.  If they thrive in their garden, they will thrive in yours!  Using native plants is also good for the eco-system.

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Create a relaxing area to read, unwind, and maybe do some yoga or stretches.  I found this beautiful Brazilian style hammock for $65 here

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Repeat plantings for a bigger impact.  Fill large pots with inexpensive perennials for instant colour.  Larger pots also means less watering.  Find 14″ terracotta plastic pots for $9.48 ea at Home Depot

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Tall pots like these can be found at Home Depot for $35 each.  Mix tall, spiky spider plants and wandering Jew with cascading creeping Jenny and sweet potato plants (Ipomoea batatas) for a great eye-catching arrangement.

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