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While most people would love a more streamlined closet, few embark on a mission to create more order and organization in their clothing vaults. If you’ve long desired to change a messy closet into something less chaotic and more chic, there are plenty of tips and tricks to explore.

Here a few ideas to create a wardrobe that you’ll love and will want to show off.

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Whether or not you have a big, glitzy closet or a small space for threads, organization is key. Fiber baskets can hold a multitude of smaller items like scarves, belts and ties. Labeling baskets and bins provides additional order and keeps a closet space from being overrun by small odds and ends. Investing in matching hangers is also prudent for keeping a dressing space neat and tidy.

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For those with more spacious and luxurious closets, the challenge of organization still remains. Installing overhead lighting gives a space more brightness and the feel of a boutique shopping experience, while glass shelves make it easy to locate lost clothing treasures. A large mirror is a must-have for getting dressed and ready each day.

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A dreamy walk-in closet boasts all the fancy extras. From vanity seating to a stool for trying on pairs of shoes, a chic closet is all about the splashy features. From built-in shoe racks to a center dresser, this space is functional and glamorous. For additional panache, whimsical wallpaper and a snowy chandelier add more charm and fun.

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For those who have limited or no clothing space, nothing is better than a creative and well-engineered exposed closet. While this mini-closet works well in a guest bedroom, it also can fit into any spare space. A few rods and shelves is all it takes to create an open closet that stores numerous shirts, hats, shoes and jewelry.

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The key to a stylish and well-organized closet is the presentation. Pictures of shoes attached to clear bins gives a speed-read system for picking and storing footwear. Hanging jewelry on hooks on the wall also helps streamline a space filled with lots of accessories. Adding flowers and other decorative items make a closet feel fresh and inviting.

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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