100% linen sheets are the ultimate in bed luxury and comfort.  They are a eco-conscious alternative to cotton sheets, which use many chemicals and lots of water to be produced.  Read more about the effects of conventional cotton here.

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If you are wondering how easy they are to care for, and the best way to keep them looking clean and fresh, here are some easy instructions!

How to wash linen sheets and duvet covers:

If your sheets are looking kind of yellow, try this method first –

Pre-soak your sheets in a tub filled with warm water and ½ cup of white vinegar. Let the sheets soak for up to one hour. Wring them out before moving to the washing machine.

Wash your linens in warm water using a mild detergent.  Here is a list of natural laundry detergents. Do not use hot water.  You can also use cold water for regular washing of your sheets.

Weather permitting, hang your linens outside on the line to dry.  If that’s not possible, tumble dry on low setting.  Do not over-dry but make sure your linens are completely dry before storing them in a cupboard.  Remove promptly from the dryer for the least wrinkles.

Linen can be ironed on your iron’s hottest setting.  I skip the ironing, and just make sure my sheets don’t stay in the dryer to long, before they are folded or put on the bed.  Another trick for getting wrinkles out of linen sheets and duvet covers is to steam them with your iron or a steamer, while they are on the bed!

It is a good idea to use a pillow protector on your pillow, under the pillowcase – this will protect your pillow from allergens, and hair and body oils, and keep your linen pillowcase fresh and white longer.