Below are some of the best indoor plants for the colder months. No reason you can’t still enjoy pretty flowers when the sun isn’t out!

Christmas Cactus

Needs low light not direct or else the leaves may burn. It does require a specific amount of water but otherwise is fairly low maintenance. I found a really great article about how to grow a Christmas cactus at Epic Gardening here


When buying one, look for a plant that is not tightly packed in cellophane wrapper, has not been left outside for long or that has green edges.  Keep your pointsetta near a window with as much sunlight as possible and in a temperature between 60-75F.

Snake Plant

This is a plant that will do just fine if you leave it alone for a while. It doesn’t need much light or water. The snake plant will help improve the quality of air in your home. They like moderate to bright light and low to medium watering.

Begonias, Christmas cactus, hibiscus, African violets, exacum affine, gloxinias and geraniums

These plants bloom in the Winter. For indoor plants that do well in grey Winters (like Portland, OR) click here.

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