Whether you have a yard, porch or no outside access, we can all do a bit of gardening! Of course, gardening is great for our Earth but there are things you can to make it even more eco-friendly. Check it out!
Outdoor lanterns with solar lights made from upcycled mason jars. These would look great hanging from a porch.
Adorable garden market. No yard? Stick it in a potted plant indoors!
These seed packs are sold according to region, cat/dog friendly etc making gardening a cinch!
8 natural DIY weed killers (like vinegar)!
Try plants that require less water to be more eco-friendly.
Make or purchase seedling starters made from recycled newspaper (no more Dixie cups!)
Rain barrels are a great eco-friendly option for watering your plants.
Chalkboard labels are easy to re-use when you when you want to label new plants or to create a new message.
Indoor growing kits can be eco-friendly too. This one is made from recycled milk jugs.