Some windows are more difficult to cover than others.  It may be the shape of the window, the position of it, or how it opens and closes.  For example, what are the best window coverings for small windows?  Or arched windows, bay windows, french doors and skylights?  And what about windows that reach right to the wall or ceiling?

These are questions that I get asked all the time – don’t worry, there are solutions!

Small windows.  Some windows are so small you must be careful not to overwhelm them with complicated arrangements. A roller shade, roman shade, wood blinds, etched or stained glass, or a sheer curtain set inside the window, are all good solutions.

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roman shade by NikkiDesigns

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wood blind by CBM

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Roller Blind by CBM

Arched windows.  Arched windows are quite common in new houses.  They look beautiful but can present a challenge when you need to provide some sort of shading or privacy on them.   For a formal treatment, custom-made pinch-pleated curtains can be made to fit the window. Traditional Window Treatments by Sarasota Interior Designers & Decorators Debra Bowis

Or you can hang the rod over the entire window
arched window covering
 Another solution is to leave the arch clear and cover only the lower rectangular part of the window with curtains or a blind.
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Bay windows.  Bay and bow windows are often very large and designed to maximize the amount of light entering a room.  Luckily today there are many types of drapery rods that have adjustable brackets designed to fit any angle, so that draperies or sheers can be hung.  You could have separate drapery panels for each window, or 2 large panels that slide to each side.  Or you could choose a combination of either sheers or blinds, with draperies.   Blinds hung inside each window are also a simple, clean look for bay windows.
roman shades, roman blinds, bay, window

roman shades by NikkiDesigns

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Curtains for a bay window


French Doors.  If you have room beside the doors, curtains hung from a rod work well. If the doors open into the room, remember to place the rod high enough and make sure it is wide enough so that the doors can open easily.   Heavier draperies will keep out draughts in the winter, and sheers will filter light in the summer.  Where space on both sides is restricted, blinds or shades attached to each door of french doors may be the best solution.

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Roller blinds by CBM

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french door curtains by NikkiDesigns


Skylights.  Panels of fabric can be attached to sylights in a variety of ways to control light, but the most practical solution is to purchase custom cellular shades. If the skylight is very high, you may want to splurge on a remote control for the blinds.



Very tall windows.  Where glass reaches from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, supporting your curtains can pose a problem.  Curtain tracks can be mounted directly onto the ceiling, as long as they are securely attached.  If there is no space at the sides of the window for decorative finials, use end caps or recess brackets to attach the rod flat against the wall.  Remember, vertical lines will make your windows look taller, while creating horizontal lines by dividing the panels (usually into thirds), will balance them out.

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Curtains for a tall window by NikkiDesigns


Different sized windows in one room.  Most of today’s houses have open floor plans, which means you may have several different styles of windows in one area.  There are a couple of different ways that you can deal with this.  The first is to treat each window separately by using the treatment that is best for that window, but to use the same fabric for all of the windows.  Another is to hang your curtains all from the same height, even if the windows are at different heights.  Or you may choose to only cover some of the windows.

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Custom roman shades by NikkiDesigns

I hope these ideas will help you to choose the best window treatment for your windows.  If you have any questions about choosing the right window coverings, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for help!