Lavender Eye Pillow

$ 28.00

Organic lavender eye pillow with linen cover



Our lavender eye pillow is completely organic. Made in our studio, it comes with a washable linen removable cover. Beautiful and sustainable, they make a perfect gift for any age.

The organic cotton pillow is filled with flax seeds and dried lavender from my garden.

I like to use my lavender eye pillow for taking a 10 min afternoon nap when I can! Simply lie on your back (prop some pillows under your knees and arms for maximum comfort!), place the pillow over your eyes, and let the soothing, gentle lavender scent help you relax completely. Lavender is know to relive headaches and relieve stress.

These pillows are also great to take with you on a plane or to use in your yoga or meditation practices.

If you prefer no scent, please let me know under comments.

Size: 4 1/4″ x 8 1/4″

Your eye pillow will be shipped within 2 business days,

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