These Valentine yarn hearts are pretty simple to make and cost very little.  I found my yarn at my local Thrift store for about 25 cents each.  Everything else I had on hand.  They look really pretty hung on some branches in a vase, but you could also group them in a basket or include one with a gift.

Supplies Needed

Here is everything you will need to make the yarn hearts:

Carboard, scissors, a pen or felt, a large needle, yarn, tape, heart template.  I made my own template from paper but you could also use cookie cutters.

How to Make a Yarn Heart

1.  Trace the heart shapes onto the carboard and cut out with scissors.

how to make yarn hearts

2. Tape one end of the yarn to the center of the heart and begin wrapping the yarn around the heart as shown.

how to make a yarn heart   

3. Keep wrapping until all of the carboard is covered.  Cut off the yarn and make a knot in the center of the back.

yarn heart DIY

Cut a piece of yarn about 8″ long.  Thread the yarn onto the needle and push the needle through the center top of the heart.  Pull through, remove the needle and tie the end of the yarn to form a loop.

how to make yarn hearts, Valentines


yarn heart
diy yarn heart

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