Finished size – 12” x 15”

1. Cut out piece of fabric 24” across x 17.5” high
2. Finish your edges by serging or zig-zagging.
3. Press top of piece 2” to wrong side
4. Fold fabric right sides together (it should now be 12” wide) and make 2 marks on the side – one 3” down from the top and one 3 ¾” down from the top
5. Machines stitch down the side, leaving an opening between your marks
6. Press this seam open. Stitch along the bottom.
7. Turn bag right side out and fold top over on your 2” pressed line, making sure the seam allowances are open along side.
8. Stitch 1 row of stitching 1” down from folded top and another row 1 ¾” down from the top – this will form the casing for the drawstring.
9. Insert drawstring. Make a knot at ends of drawstring.