Once you have decided you want curtains for your home, choosing the right rod for those curtains is just as important as the curtain style and fabric.  The right hardware will set off your curtains and enhance the look of the room that they are in.

I have been helping my clients choose the right curtain hardware for their homes for many years.  Here are a few things to consider:

1. Curtain Rod Function.  How heavy will the curtains be?  Full drapes lined with regular or black-out lining can be quite heavy.  Make sure the rod you choose is strong enough to support them!

curtains, organic, hemp, custom

Curtains by NikkiDesigns, with black metal rod

For heavy curtains you will want a rod that is at least 1 3/8″ in diameter.  Plus you will want support brackets spaced no more than 3′ apart.  For example, a rod that is 8′ long, will require 4 brackets.  A 6′ rod will require 3 brackets.  For rods requiring more that 3 brackets, you may want to use a channel rod, or pass-thru rings, to allow the curtain panels to slide past the brackets.

channel rod, curtains, floral curtains, draperies, large window

Curtains by NikkiDesigns with Channel Rod System by Textile Trimmings

channel rod, curtain rod, innova, textile trimmings

Channel rod system – Innova, Textile Trimmings

passing ring, curtain ring, brass, free flow

pass-thru curtain ring

2. Curtain Rod Style.  What is the style of the room?  Your curtain hardware should complement the style of the room.  Wood or metal poles with simple finials both work well in a casual, cottage or farmhouse style home.

white, curtains, pleated

Curtains by NikkiDesigns with black metal rod and ball finial.

curtains, natural, pleated, casual

Curtains by NikkiDesigns with white wood rod and rings from Valutex

curtains, country, casual, striped

Curtains by NikkiDesigns, with white wood pole and ball finial

tab top, curtains, casual, natural

Tab top curtains by NikkiDesigns with wood pole in oak, by Textile Trimmings

robert allen, drapery, country, hardware, curtain rod

Country Iron Collection, by Robert Allen Design

If your design is more modern and sleek, there are plenty of modern hardware designs to choose from.  Here are two of my favorites:

drapery, hardware, modern, contemporary, metal

Technidraw system by Textile Trimmings

fineline, j.ennis, drapery hardware

Fineline, by J.Ennis Fabrics

Whether you choose metal or wood curtain rods also depends on what type of look you want.  Wood drapery hardware can be formal or casual, depending on the type of finials you choose with it.  Wood poles are usually favored in country, rustic style decorating.  Metal poles offer more options in style, colour and function.  If you have other metal accessories in the room, matching the finish will tie everything together.

robert allen, gloria, wood pole, drapery, hardware

Gloria Collection, by Robert Allen Design

majestic hardwood, textile trimmings, drapery, hardware, wood

Majestic Hardwood Collection, by Textile Trimmings

robert allen, drapery hardware, allure, curtain rod

Allure Collection, by Robert Allen Design