I have rounded up 5 of the best do-it-yourself gift ideas for you!

Criteria:  stylish, simple, low-cost

Click on photos for links to instructions ūüôā

1.  Cardboard Stars


Made from cardboard cereal boxes, these stars are inexpensive to make and super stylish!

2. Monogrammed Wood Chargers


8 chargers can be made for under $15!  Easy, easy, easy and love the rustic look!

3. DIY Herb Box


If you’re up for a little more of a challenge, this herb box would make a delightful gift!

4. Free Christmas Printables


Free printables and inexpensive frames make for a super easy gift idea!

5. Succulent Jar Magnets


Love these little fridge magnets!  Great gift for any age.


Find more DIY gift ideas on our Pinterest boards!

Do you have a favorite DIY gift you have seen or made?  Please share!