Whether you’re living in a city where 600sq feet is passing for the norm or you were inspired by these people taking an eco friendly route with their small spaces, you’re bound to run into space issues when that space is tiny. We’ve complied a few ideas on how to make the most out of your space.

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No room for a table lamp? Go vertical. Try mounting small lights on the underside of a shelf above the bed. You gain light and storage without taking up limited floor space. Source


One of the main sacrifices in a small apartment is dining space. If you have to room for a separate dining area but don’t want to be balancing your plates on your knees while sitting on the couch. This offers a great solution in turning a table behind the couch into a eating area. Source


Small kitchens don’t always offer the best storage. If you hate the look of a cluttered counter try using the space in between the counter and cabinet by a simple DIY. Source.


Inspired by coffee shops, this blogger decided to create her own breakfast nook. Great for small spaces and could easily fit into most kitchens.

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Another option for that space behind the couch, a small office desk. If you just need a space for light work, putting a desk behind the couch offers a table to work at and if you need extra seating in the living room you have a chair handy. Style the table nicely and most people won’t even notice its doing double duty as a work space.  Source.

bhgOttomans can be a great option for adding storage to a bedroom or living room. They can be used as extra seating or add a tray on top of one and you have a coffee table. Most have storage inside and with a custom slipcover you can match it to any decor. Source