A bedroom should be a place to relax and refresh. Nothing quite beats slipping into crisp sheets after a long day. Organic materials will help keep your room clean and comfortable. But I know decorating your room completely organic can be intimidating so why not break it down into two parts and then add from there?

First start with the basics. Soft furnishings are the most important part of a bedroom. Start with an organic duvet, pillows, and a cozy rug to make the room comfortable. BedroomOnce the basics are down, introduce some accessories to add your own individual touch. Ones like below are organic with a sleek and earthy touch.

Duvet Cover | Pillow Cover | Decorative PillowRecycled Paper Rug


DIY Hat Rack | Baskets | Bookends | Side Table

From there you can add in bookshelves, a vanity, or whatever your bedroom has room for that fits in with your organic pieces. But with the basics down you can have fun with it and not stress as you turn your room into an earth friendly environment.