There’s a little bit of a hoarder in all of us. Everytime I go through my closet and drawers I’m baffled by all the little things I’ve hung onto thinking I might need again. While sometimes they do prove useful, the problem is storing it all. My apartment isn’t the largest place and I find myself needing to get creative with my storage solutions. I’ve put together a few ideas for super practical storage even in a small space.

If you’re anything like me its the little things like makeup and hair accessories that tend to spill across the vanity adding clutter to the room. But wine racks and letter holders can add simple storage.



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Ikea’s Trone cabinets are a life saver in small spaces. They work especially well in narrow hallways.



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An entry way with storage can be created even in the smallest of spaces. Having a dedicated space to hang your jackets and bags will ensure things aren’t left scattered about.

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Ottomans are also a classic way of storing occasional items from shoes to extra bedding. If you already have one that needs updating or found a deal on a not so pretty one, NikkiDesigns has an eco-friendly option for you.



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How do you deal with storage in your space?

If you are interested in trying to build some simple projects made from wood, there is a great article here, showing 11 easy beginner woodworking projects.