Moving into my current apartment meant my bedroom had suddenly doubled in size while my furniture collection had not. There are still empty walls that mock me with their potential but the room has slowly been decorated and redecorated. Living in Vancouver means that eco-friendly is a way of life, but living on a cheap budget is not.  So I’ve put together a few tips for decorating your bedroom on a budget in a way that is still eco-friendly.

1. You can still support small artists

The Tappan Collective is a website I’ve recently stumbled upon that supports emerging artists. With prints, paintings, and drawings, there is art for every budget making it an affordable way to collect some limited edition pieces.

Tappan collection


2.  Sleep in luxury

My bed is my favourite part of my apartment. I have my amount of pillows down to a science and a duvet cover that I love to snuggle under. My duvet cover is actually by NikkiDesigns and when I had it made I wanted a brown cover, luckily Nikki made the other side in a cream because I favour the reverse side now. NikkiDesigns has all their custom duvet covers for 15% off in September!

duvet cover


3. Accessorize in dreamy neutrals

Neutral coloured pieces that can be swapped around provide versatility while making your room a calm oasis.


Mirror from EQ3. A Canadian company that builds within Canada

Vases from Ten Thousand Villages, supporting third world craftsmen

Natural Scandinavian wool throw. Similar at NikkiDesigns

Plants that purify the air

4. Try a DIY headboard

Headboards can be expensive, trust me I’ve had my eye on far too many outside of my budget. But a DIY headboard can save you money and add a more personal touch to your bedroom.


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