I’ve spent this past month scrolling through numerous interior decorating pictures, mentally cataloging them as inspiration for my new apartment. Being on a budget, an entire place of new furniture and accessories is unfeasible. Instead I’ve been looking for ways to freshen up existing items and change the aesthetics with smaller touches.

For those of you somewhat more settled in your home, a change in season can still mean a change in design. As the summer nights get warmer and the days get longer, the longing for crisp whites and light breezy fabrics begin to work its way in. Accordingly, I’ve put together a few tips that will create a breezy, relaxing space suitable to the season without making your house resemble a cottage year round -unless you want it to.

1. Give your home a colour boost

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Small touches of colour in an otherwise neutral room can be striking. Try adding bright throw pillows, or painting with solid colours for a DIY art project inspired by the one above.

2. Slipcover your way to new furniture



If you want new furniture but can’t quite justify getting rid of the current couch or ottoman solely based on colour preferences, slipcovers are your new best friend. Or simply use them for a temporary summer look. You’ll double the lifespan of your sofa and there is no need to be afraid of white couches when you can simply throw the slipcover in the wash! NikkiDesigns does custom couch slipcovers as well as ready made slipcovers for ottomans and your outdoor resin chairs.

3. Embrace the sheer

sheer curtain.elledecor

sheer curtain.sublimedecor

Trade those heavy winter curtains for something that breathes.Sheer curtains still give you privacy but let in that summer breeze. Try these Ready-made Sheer Linen Curtains

4. Sleep Easy



There’s nothing quite like the feeling of new bedding but having one reversible duvet cover means you can have your warm tones in the winter and fresh pastels in the summer without the hassle. Shop ready made options here or here or pick your own custom fabrics.

5. Go Green



There’s nothing like an arrangement of fresh flowers to liven up a place. If you have more of a green thumb, opt for a longer lasting plant. If you find you have a hard time keeping indoor plants alive, check out this list of the best indoor plants or this article on the best indoor plants for your home 

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