What are layered window treatments and why are they so popular for 2014?

When you have more than one type of window treatment on one window, that is a layered window treatment. By using two or three different styles of coverings on one window, you can create the ultimate in flexibility of light control and privacy.

relaxed roman shade and curtains

Relaxed Roman Shade and Draperies – houzz.com

Look for simplicity and lightness when layering. Try to choose styles that can be operated simply and do not require too many tracks and fixings, as too much hardware can spoil the effect.

Classic roman shades, relaxed roman shades and roller shades all work very well combined with curtains or lined draperies. A custom roman shade lined with black out lining can be combined with sheer curtains, or you can do the opposite: sheer romans paired with black-out lined draperies.

sheer roman shades, draperies, layered window treatment

Sheer roman shades combines with draperies – houzz.com

hemp roman shade, hemp curtains, eco friendly

Classic roman shades with black-out lining paired with light-weight hemp curtains

Roller Shades:

Roller Shades by NikkiDesigns

Roller Shades by NikkiDesigns

Layered window treatments do not need to look formal or fussy if you don’t want them to. By using natural fabrics and simple, classic designs your window coverings will be timeless and beautiful. For more information please read How to Choose the Right Fabric for Window Coverings.

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