Thought you might like to see some photos of my sewing/design studio! It is always a work in progress, of course, but it is very functional and pretty organized. I use 2 rooms – my main studio is where my desk is, and where most of my work gets done. It is a room over our garage, in the house my husband and I designed and built 10 years ago. About 2 years ago I also converted one of the bedrooms into a second sewing room, for when I have myself and one of my seamstresses both working at the same time. This is the room where all my roman shades get strung, and it is handy having a separate area for this.

sewing roomDSCN1002

This old armoire worked really well for storing all my drapery supplies







sewing studio

sewing room organization

sewing organization threads, zippers
Easy DIY – build a frame for a pegboard and you have a great place to store cones of thread and zippers, etc.

craft supplies, buttons, organize
I used glass jars to sort my buttons by colour and painted some inexpensive shelves black.

Storage under my cutting table for fabric rolls

fabric storage, sewing room
More fabric storage

fabric storage, sewing room
Keeping my bins labelled with different types of fabric means they are easier to find!

sewing, interior design, storage
My husband converted this old desk into a storage unit for my sample books for me and I painted it flat black.




I made my desk from 2 sets of drawers with plywood on top. I covered it in fabric and a piece of glass that someone was going to throw away! It was the perfect size for this corner in my sewing room. Pens and pencils are stored in tea containers I covered in adhesive shelf paper. The hanging rack above my desk is another DIY project that’s easy to do. It’s made from a double curtain rod and a lined fabric “sleeve”. Perfect for holding magazines and info that I need in easy reach.

kitty and mouse
Two mascots that one of my sewers, Sharon, made for me!

2nd sewing table

sewing room
My second sewing room

Soon I will have to expand my studio again, as my business grows – so stay tuned for the next studio design! I would love to hear your comments and ideas about sewing and crafting rooms – what do you like and not like? Have I given you any ideas?