Here’s a look at some of the hot trends, fabrics and colours for Fall, 2013!

Upcycled Furniture – Rather than keeping furniture looking old and vintage, upcycled gives it a new lease of life. Instead of the muted, country tones we have been used to seeing, this look is all about bold, bright colours. Classic wood pieces like sideboards, tables and chairs get painted in fun, vivid tones.

Raw materials -Stone and wood are really being showcased in their natural stripped down state, really showcasing the beauty of the material in its natural form. Sticks, branches, and even wood stumps are set to be brought into the home, while crystals, gems and geodes and finding their way indoors too.

vintage crystal by Audrey Would!

vintage crystal by Audrey Would!

Gold – To really make a statement in your home opt for gold finishes on your furniture. It’s a little opulent, but bang on trend for the new season.

Black, Black and White, Grey – all very popular colours this season!




Fabrics by Tritex

Which trends would you use in your home?

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