Here are some rustic, inexpensive, quick ways to wrap your Christmas gifts this year.


Make a burlap bag. Cut the burlap twice as high as you want the bag to be, and 1″ wider. Stitch up the 2 sides, turn and you are done! I tied the bags with raffia and attached some fabric bows. To make the bows cut strips of fabric about 3″ wide by about 30″ long.











Decorate a plain box with ribbon and some fresh herbs or pine branches. I used rosemary cuttings for this one.

Wrap a box in plain Kraft paper. Cut strips of fabric, overlap and tape in the back. Tie with raffia.

For this one I used a paper doily. You can buy packs of various sizes at the dollar store.
Use your imagination! I hope these ideas will get you started


Happy wrapping! If you like my gift tags, they are easy to make. You can download the template here. Save it to your computer and print on card stock, paper or card board. Cut up cereal boxes even work!


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