Here in the US, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I, unfortunately, don’t have a dining room or kitchen table yet so I don’t think I’ll be hosting dinner at my apartment but I still like the idea of a centerpiece for my side table or even coffee table.  I collected some ideas from around the web for some very simple Fall centerpieces. Many of the items used can be found in nature or at a Farmer’s Market (or grocery store but it’s nice to support the locals) without the need for extra materials like glue or paper mache. I also think it’s nice when items can be re-used or serve two purposes.  So, continue on to get inspired and get creative!

Tiny Prints blog shared this picture and I think it would make a great DIY project! There are endless ways in which you could arrange the branches and candles.  Branches like those pictured above may be a bit tall for on your table but would work nicely on a side or corner table.
Tiny Prints also had this picture. What a fun, cute idea!  Very simple with just candy corn, a vase and candle but I love the bright colours.  You could easily cover the bottom of the candle in plastic wrap to keep the candy separate from the wax, making it edible for later.
Instead of candy corn, you could try filling a vase with cranberries, stones or leaves.  The pictures above come from Kim Vallee.
Another idea is to use a small pumpkin as a candle holder. Simply carve out the pumpkin making sure you trace the bottom of the candle so that the hole is the same size.  You could add leaves, twigs, berries etc to decorate around the candle, hiding the edges of the hole.  The smaller the pumpkin, the cuter I think this would be.  Thanks For Rent blog!
The Fun Times Guide has this picture of a very simple but rich looking center piece.  All you need are various gourds and pumpkins in a large vase, the kind you see used for floating candles.
I love all things stenciled and this centerpiece is no exception. I think painting the gourds/pumpkins white gives them a very modern look but you could skip that step.  Found at Az Central.

Other materials you could use for your Thanksgiving (or if you’re not in the US, just use Fall as your theme) centerpiece include chestnuts, squash and tangerines.  If you make your own jam or other canned goods, you could decorate the jar and lid with ribbons or stencils and then they could double serve as both a decoration and a part of dinner/dessert!  You can go with fresh materials or pick up a fake version at any crafts store. If you do buy fake, try to re-use them next year or gift as a party gift so they don’t just end up in the trash right away.

Fall Tablescape by NikkiDesigns

Candles and table linens by NikkiDesigns

Rustic centerpiece by NikkiDesigns

6" beeswax tapers on indigo hemp napkin by NikkiDesigns

6″ beeswax tapers on indigo hemp napkin by NikkiDesigns. Learn how to make these cards here