I made these cork boards for my article in ecoParent magazine – Fall, 2013 issue.

They are easy to make and a stylish addition to your office, bedroom or kitchen.

You will need:

Adhesive backed cork board (can be bought by the roll at Craft stores)
corrugated card board (a large box will do!)
fabric pieces
staple gun (hobby size)
small wall screws

Step 1. Cut pieces of thin cork board the desired sizes you want. It is helpful to use a large frame or draw a square or rectangle on your work surface first. Then use pieces of paper or cardboard to play with the shapes you want within this frame.

Step 2. Cut pieces of corrugated cardboard the same sizes as your cork pieces. If you want the boards to be sturdier, you could use ¼” plywood instead. Adhere the cork board to the cardboard.

Step 3. Cut out pieces of fabric about 3” larger all around than your cork boards. Place the fabric upside down on a table with the cork board on top, cork side down. Wrap the fabric to the wrong side, 1 side at a time and staple.

Step 4. Screw your boards to the wall