I’ve rounded up some great school essentials!  I love buying handmade items rather than ones at major retailers; way more unique and it’s great to support small businesses!  Below are items made from recycled and/or organic materials.

Recycling Pencil Case Part Stripes by Leesha
Recycled Pencil Case
reat mod design

Adjustable Velcro Bandolier / red stripes / replace that pencil case
Adjustable Velcro Bandolier
eplace the need for a notebook!

Recycled hemp & organic cotton pencil case
Recycled Hemp and Organic Pencil Case
ove the simplicity

Recycled hand made laptop ipad Macbook case sleeve cover bag for Mac book Pro Air 11'' 13'' 14'' 15'' 17'' or custom laptop.
Recycled Lapto/iPad Bag
This would work for men and women!

Reusable Eco Sandwich and Snack Bag Set of 2 - Organic Cotton - Lime --- Back to School
Reusable Organic Cotton Snack Bags
omes in both snack and sandwich size

ZIp Insulated Sandwich bag ReUsable Eco friendly pIck your color
Zip Insulated Sandwich Bag
his material won’t rip easily so it’s long lasting!

So Chic Linen Tray, Home Accessories, Shimmery Floral
Linen Tray with Accessories 
Great gift for someone headed off to college!

Back To School Eco Friendly Backpack Toddler Preschool Monogrammed 7 Colors to Choose From
Back to School Backpack
Made with 50% recycled materials

Eco- friendly upcycled coffee sack  burlap   Blue messenger laptop bag with   Indian Elephant image
Upcycled Coffee Sack Burlap Bag
Great for all ages

Wooden sketchbook
Wooden Sketchbook
Made from a fir tree and recycled paper