I get a lot of the recipes I use online so I have a ton bookmarked. I mean, there are probably hundreds! While they are organized it can be a lot to sort through so when I find one I really love, it gets put in a special “favourites” folder so it’s easy to find when I want to use it again. So this is a round up of some of those favourite recipes.  They are ones I have made more than once and are some of my “go to” meals.  They are also easy to change up which is great for me because I rarely follow a recipe exactly!

Puffy Pillow Pancakes – www.ppk.com
6572725903_e9b2bc745b_zThis makes the best FLUFFY pancakes!

Tortillas – www.rawon10.com
These are so simple and quick to make. I’ve used gluten free and whole wheat flour successfully as well.
dinner mushroom burritos vegan recipe 3

Sweet Potato Burgers – www.madetocreate.blogspot.com
These are SO flavourful and delicious! If you haven’t had a sweet potato burger you are missing out!
Sweet Potato Burger 2Mocha Chip Larabar – www.onegreenplanet.org
These are the best when you are craving a chocolate bar but without all the processed stuff!  Healthy bars that taste like they are bad for you – yes!
Bagels – www.cookbookaficianado.wordpress.com
While the process of making these is pretty long, they are so worth it! Best bagels I’ve ever had. You can easily freeze some for later too.
Black Bean Brownies – www.minimalistbaker.com
Okay, I know, black beans in brownies? Sounds gross but trust me.  Just trust me.
Black Bean Soup – www.vitamix.com
It’s even better than Panara’s, I swear.

Share any of your favourite recipes in a comment!

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