I love these wire headbands from American Apparel so much that I decided I needed to replicate it myself!



You will need:
Fabric (enough to wrap around your head + at least 6″ and then 5″ wide)
Needle + thread or sewing machine
Craft wire (enough to wrap around your head + a few inches)
Measuring tape




  1. Use a measuring tape to measure around your head then add at least 6″ to that, depending on how long you want your headband to be. Now cut out a strip of fabric that is that measurement x 5″. I used an old shirt as my fabric.
  2. Fold the strip together lengthwise, right sides together. Then cut the ends on a diagonal (you could also cut them into a point).
  3. Sew the fabric shut, leaving one end open. Now flip the fabric so the right sides are showing.
  4. Cut your wire so that it is double the length of your fabric. Feed it into the fabric tube and then twist the ends together. Make sure there is no pointy bits sticking out because it could stab through the fabric.
  5. You can mold the wire any way you like. I shaped the ends to match that of the fabric.
  6. If you like, add a few stitches to keep the wire in place.
  7. Sew up the open end and you’re done!



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