It’s Hemp History Week!  Find out how you can get involved here. Hemp History Week began in 2010 in order to raise awareness of hemp. Despite a bill being passed in 2006 to allow states to farm hemp, no vote has actually been cast!

If we look way way back, hemp (in B.C. times) was actually the world’s largest crop.

Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper? Yep! So was the King James Bible!

Once upon a time, farmers were actually required by law to grow hemp in certain states (then colonies) like Virginia. Quite different from today where it is considered illegal!  See, in 1957, due to confusion between hemp and marijuana (they are different plants. Hemp contains zero THC), it became illegal to grow hemp. This really hurt the natural fibers companies. Still, today it is estimated that selling hemp products in the U.S. brings in $500 million every year. The hemp itself is grown in Canada. It is worth much more than corn or wheat crops.

There are thousands of different uses for hemp. Depending on the hemp product, it is low in saturated fat, incredible strong and durable, gluten free, high in omega-3s and requires no pesticides or chemicals to be grown!

Interested in making hemp crops legal in the US? Visit Vote Hemp.

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