Mother’s Day is right around the corner! It’s time to show your mom (or any other parental type figure you love!) you care. Perhaps one of the eco-friendly gifts below will put a smile on her face?


  1. Organic cleansing gift set from Nikki Designs
  2. Organic felted wool dryer balls
  3. Organic linen towels
  4. Organic cotton tank top
  5. Organic aloe vera soap
  6. Gaiam convertible dress
  7. Gaiam yoga mat
  8. Organic dill seeds
  9. Gardening gloves
  10. Food Matters documentary
  11. Too Faced Beauty Balm
  12. Tarte Mother’s Day kit
  13. Evolve organic fitness wear
  14. Evolve organic fitness wear
  15. Green Karat earrings