Today I have another subscription service to review! This one is called Conscious Box.  Each month you get a box full of eco-friendly, natural goodies.  What I really like about this company, is that you can choose the type of box you want: classic, vegan or gluten free!  I ordered the vegan box using a special deal they had at the time so it was only $9.95. Normally it is $19.95 a month. You can sign up to receive a box monthly, , every 3 months, every 6 months or once a year.

16 001V for vegan!

16 002Inside was an information card for this chef.  I thought it was sort of random since there weren’t any products related to it, as far as I could tell.

16 003The box itself is made from recycled materials, vegetable ink etc.

16 005The goods!

16 015This tastes heavenly! Like a citrus chocolate spread. It’s really good with apple slices!

16 014This is a nice light lotion with no strong scent to it. I thought the ingredients list looked pretty good too!

16 013I’ve had these a few times and they are delicious!  Definitely a healthier chip that I love to bring to parties because it wins most everyone over.

16 012My floors didn’t really look any cleaner when I used this vs just water but I use a steam mop so maybe that’s why. It did have a nice scent!  It didn’t leave any sticky residue behind either.

16 011I’m not a fan of this but I don’t ever really like powdered drinks. If you do, this might be a better alternative to some of the other brands out there.  I tried a sip and didn’t drink the rest. It’s quite strong!

16 010This is the one product I have no use for. I don’t have babies and it doesn’t sound appetizing for me to eat haha Seems like a great product but I’d rather they didn’t include products just for moms.

16 009I love citrus scents and this one smells very nice. It does mask odors and lingers in the air for a bit. I sprayed my cat’s litter box and left. 15min later when I came back into my home, I could smell it in the air.

16 008I felt like this tasted too processed. It tasted good but it was a bit too sweet for me. Not something I’d seek out to buy but I would eat it again. I’m sure it’d be a hit with kids!

16 007These were quite tasty, like a fizzy orange candy! Yum.
I really liked the very light citrus smell this had. It removed my makeup and felt nice. I didn’t experience any discomfort or have my skin react poorly.

Overall, I am a bit disappointed.  I don’t feel it was worth $19.95 since it was all sample size products (far as I know).  I did like the products themselves but I wish their was an included information card so you could learn more about each thing!

Conscious Box has a great Facebook page. I recommend liking it! They post sneak peeks, extra information on products, coupon codes etc