I recently signed up for Healthy Surprise, a snack box subscription.

Healthy Surprise boxes never contain MSG, corn, soy, gluten, dairy, egg, shellfish, fish, meat or honey. They are vegan, natural, gluten free and mostly allergy free! They rarely contain tree nuts, peanuts, nuts, carob or grains.

I chose to receive the Healthy Box ($66) every other month. It contains 32-40 servings (servings not packages). So let’s take a look at what I received! I’ve included pictures of the ingredients so you can see just how natural these products are along with my thoughts on the ones I tried.

I was surprised how small the box was initially (don’t mind the rain drop marks).

It was the February box so it had a Valentine’s Day theme going on. Cute!

The snacks were in two packages. One for larger bags and the other for small packages.

There was a card with two great sounding recipes. I have it stuck to my fridge but haven’t tried them yet.

Inside the Valentine’s Day card (which can be reused!) was this chocolate.

I tried this and was amazed! It seriously tastes like milk chocolate. Now, I prefer dark chocolate but if you prefer milk chocolate but don’t eat dairy… buy this! It was very tasty.

There was also a dark chocolate one. Very delicious!

These were probably my favourite. My husband loved them too. Sooo delicious!

I gave these to my husband so I’m not sure how they tasted. It was great to pack in his lunch though!

The ginger in these is quite strong but I really like them. I’m actually still eating this a month later so this snack lasted a while.

These were pretty good. I enjoyed them but maybe not enough to repurchase. I think these would be really great for kids though!

This is the only thing that I consider more of an ingredient than a snack. I have used these in a few recipes though! They are messy to crumble because they really stick to your hands but overall I like them! It’s a handy ingredient to have on hand.

These were super good. My husband and I loved them. TONS of flavour!

Pretty tasty! This is something I could make myself though.

My husband ate this so no comment.

He ate this too. hehe I put most of the stuff in his lunches which he brings to work. That’s mainly what I ordered the box for.

These are SUPER strong/bitter. There wasn’t much sweetness to them. I like strong chocolate so I did enjoy them but if you prefer 72% you may not like these.  The only thing I didn’t like in this whole box (that I tried) was the “synergy spice” bar. I ate a piece and it was WAY too spicy! My nose was burning! I ended up throwing it out.

This was different, basically a green sesame seed bar. Both my husband and I liked it.

Husband gobbled these up and said they were pretty good. Again, I think kids were probably enjoy this one more.

Another one my husband ate.

Pretty good. Flavours were a bit strong for my liking.

So over all, I was pretty happy. Not over joyed but satisfied. There was a lot of chocolate this month since it was Valentine’s Day so I’m curious to see what my April box looks like (I will review that one too). I counted and there was 32 servings so this on the smaller end. I liked that there were dessert like treats, chips/larger snacks for my husband and I to share as well as smaller snacks I could pack in lunches. This is supposed to feed 3-4 people but obviously it’s not enough to have a snack/serving each day for a month. I think $66 was a fair price. I’m curious how it would match up to shopping at a store. It seemed a bit pricey to me, to be honest but obviously it’s convenient. And I did really enjoy most everything. It will be more convenient when my husband deploys since I won’t be able to get to the health food stores as easily (I don’t drive). I might also get a second subscription to send to my husband when he’s gone.

Also, the customer service was very helpful!