Today’s DIY project will show you howhow to make a simple, natural sugar scrub! Sugar is a really great exfoliate. We’ll use natural oils to moisturize and essential oils to add a great smell. This recipe is very basic and can be customized in many different ways. Love ginger? Try some freshly ground ginger in place of an essential oil. My favourite ways to use this scrub are in the shower before shaving (you will get a closer shave!), very gently on my face, a little bit on my lips (totally okay if a little gets in your mouth!) and on my hands especially after using nail polish remover. I hope you enjoy it!

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You will need:
A glass jar or container that holds 500ml + a lid
Approx 1/2 cup raw sugar
Approx 1/2 cup table sugar (or brown sugar)
1/4 cup coconut oil (plus more if you choose)
A few drops of any essential oil you like (or extract if you just want it for the scent)
Optional: Other oils like almond or jojoba oil (up to 1/4 cup)

21 006I love these jars and these lids! Easy to reach into and to re-use later on.

21 007Measure out approx 1/2 cup of raw sugar. Don’t worry if you have a bit less like I did, none of these measurements have to be exact!

21 008Measure out approx 1/2 cup of table sugar (or brown sugar). Using these two sugars will give us two different textures for a deeper exfoliating experience!

21 010Now add your coconut oil. If it is solid, spoon it into a microwavable container and nuke in 10 second increments until melted, then add it to your sugar mixture.

21 011Mix it all together! If you are adding other oils, add those now. You can also add more coconut oil or just leave it as is. You want enough oil that it holds together well and doesn’t appear dry but it’s okay if it’s on the runny side! Also add your essential oil or extract and mix it all together.

21 012Feel free to add a label. I used this cute duct tape (found at Target) and wrote on it with a dry erase marker so it easily washes off.

21 013Use on damp but not dripping wet skin. Simply massage it all around, gently, letting some of the sugars dissolve. Rinse off and pat dry, you want some of the oils to remain on your skin. The sugars will remove dead skin while the oils will moisturize! Your skin will feel SO soft after! I keep a jar by my bathroom sink as well as one in the shower.

Not feeling like DIY? Check out the Lemongrass Spa body polish. This is what got me hooked on sugar scrubs. It is very natural and comes in different scents. I personally have (and adore) the lemon sorbet scent. Take a look at the ingredients and you can see all the different oils and sugars you can use!

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