For 2012 I made a list of things I could do to be more eco-friendly. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the changes I have made! I definitely created some great new habits. Let’s take a look at what I accomplished….

  1. Eat out less (avoid take home containers, share meals or bring own tupperware).  I did not accomplish this, really.
  2. Shop locally. I do shop at a local grocery store most of the time but that’s about it.
  3. Replace all bulbs with eco-smart ones.
  4. Thrift more-buy new less. Definitely failed at this one.
  5. Avoid online shopping. And this one.
  6. Continue to not eat/buy animal products.
  7. Try to create less trash.
  8. Recyle recyle recycle.
  9. Always remember to use reusable shopping bags (small ones for produce).
  10. Don’t buy paper towels or wipes. Half completd. I don’t use paper towels but I do buy the GreenWorks wipes.
  11. Use reusable cups.  I slipped up a few times over the holidays at Starbucks but generally I am good about this.
  12. Re-use Zipoc bags/make own. I still need to make some!
  13. Buy a menstrual cup. Did this and haven’t looked back! I got the Diva Cup and absolutely love it. I definitely prefer it to the throw away tampons.
  14. No new magazine subscriptions.
  15. Don’t buy individually wrapped foods.  I’m pretty good about this but could be better. Sprouts wraps a lot of its organic produce which is so annoying.  
  16. DIY beauty products.
  17. Donate clothes
  18. Buy more organic.
  19. Air dry washed laundry.
  20. Use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.
  21. Buy items in glass packaging vs plastic and re-use them.  I now have more glass bottles than I know what to do with haha
  22. Make my own spice mixes. I’ve only made taco seasoning so far.
  23. Unplug appliances when not in use.
  24. Grow another herb garden.
  25. Grow my own tomatoes and strawberries.
  26. Don’t let water run when washing dishes. Ugh, I’m still so bad about this.
  27. Freeze foods before they go bad.
  28. Unsubscribe/cancel junk mail.
  29. Use wool dryer balls instead of sheets.  Note to self: buy wool balls.
  30. Try soap nuts instead of laundry detergent.  Love them!
  31. Re-use toilet paper rolls.
  32. Turn off computer at night.
  33. Take shorter showers.
  34. Take notes/write down grocery lists on used paper.  I also use my phone now. AnyList app is great!
  35. Buy from bulk bins at natural grocery stores. I even use reusable bags for this.
  36. DIY all Christmas gifts in 2012.  I made most of them! I made a lot of stuff.
Did you accomplish your 2012 goals/resolutions?