My husband and I have been doing some apartment hunting lately and while I’m not sure we’ll be able to move next month as planned, it hasn’t stopped me from looking for home inspiration each day! It took me a while to figure out what my interior decorating style was but it has become pretty apparent lately. I like a combination of minimalist, pops of colour, mixed patterns and quirky details.  I’d describe it as modern eclectic. I love vintage style furniture (think Mad Men), bold colours and patterns, simple designs etc. Below are some of my favourite inspiration photos.

I love these chairs. The mix of modern (white seat) and old (wood) appeals to me.
Little details.
Grey as the focus + pops of other colours.
I adore this apartment; the mix of patterns and the furniture.
Can I please have all of the furniture in this apartment?
Plus this couch?
I love the thin line between busy and cluttered.
Closet layout.

Colourful wall art is a must.
Creative oranization.

What is your interior decorating style?