Are my fellow America dwellers ready for Thanksgiving? My husband and I are just having a small meal at home this year so it is pretty low maintenance (especially compared to last year). In case you need some last minute ideas from side dishes to decorations, let me help you out.

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  1. Leaf place cards. Simply write on a leaf with a paint pen! It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in and cut back on waste.
  2. Free printables. Little details like this make such a difference.
  3. Centerpieces can be kept simple and still look very elegant. I love the use of gourds and nuts here.
  4. Indulge in a healthy way. Why not? I plan on make this chocolate mint pie this year.
  5. Cornucopias made from waffle cones are simply adorable. All you have to do is steam them until they are soft enough to bend!
  6. Sweet potato biscuits sound delicious! Great way to sneak another vegetable in.
  7. High protein mashed potatoes include white beans but no one will notice the difference. I am all for indulging but it doesn’t hurt to make things healthier where we can right?
  8. No tablerunner? Burlap will work. You can even leave the edges frayed, it’ll only add to the rustic look.
Also, if you’re still stuck on deciding what to wear on the “big” day, Michelle Phan has some great ideas!