Gift wrapping is practically an art form, don’t you think? It’s amazing what people can come up with! Some ideas take a fair bit of skill but others are quite simple.  There is just something about receiving a beautifully wrapped gift that makes you appreciate it that much more.  I also love when the wrapping has been recycled or can be reused. Or when the gift tag doubles as its own gift like a cute tree ornament or fridge magnet. Below are some ideas for your next gift wrapping session.

Basic brown paper makes a great starting point for any wrapping job. Add paper cutouts, flowers, bowls, ribbons, flags, stamps, wasi tape etc to spruce it up.
For a kids gift, why not incorporate a toy into the decoration? Use actual toy cars for the look above. Lego, plastic figurines, toy dinosaurs, Barbie clothes etc would also work.
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I know many people have doilies in their homes that never get used. Well, it makes for a very pretty gift decoration!
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Put those scrap pieces of trim and lace to good use!
Yarn looks just as pretty as any ribbon.
Fabric gift bags are great because they can be used for so many things and can be made it any sizes! Plus you’ll skip any sort of awkward wrapping.
Chalkboard gift tags can easily be reused for future gift giving.
Map Paper Gift Wrap Idea
A map looks great as wrapping paper! A newspaper would also work.
Here are a few more ways to incorporate a small gift into your gift wrapping:
– use an individually wrapped tea bag! Simply write your message on it and the person receiving it can use it for a delicious cup of tea later on.
– attach a necklace charm, key ring etc
– write your to and from message with a glittery pen (or something else that stands out) and then attach the pen as a gift
– include a favourite wrapped candy, chocolate bar etc instead of the more common candy cane.
– use a seeded greeting card which, when planted, grows a plant! most contain many seeds so you could also cute one up into multiple gift tags. Or you could just use a package of seeds as the gift tag.
– attach a hair bow or bow tie instead of a ribbon bow. This way it can be worn later!
– use a gift card in place of a gift tag. It’ll still say who it is to and from but with an extra bonus. Even a small amount like $5 will be appreciate when it’s simply a “decoration” for the main gift you are giving.
Don’t forget to hold onto things like shoe boxes, cereal boxes etc. They can be used to store an awkwardly shaped gift or more than one gift and make your wrapping job much easier!