Today I have a simple and inexpensive DIY tutorial for you! These envelopes are so easy to make but add such a nice personal, unique touch when giving someone a card. I wouldn’t recommend actually mailing these but they work great in person.

DIY Decorative Envelopes
You will need:
scrapbook paper
glue (stick would work too)
pencil or something else to trace with
1. Unfold your envelope. This is what you will use as a template. I ripped mine a bit but that’s fine. I simply flipped it over to trace that part.

2. Now trace around that envelope onto the back of your scrapbook paper. 

3. Now carefully cut out your envelope shape. 

4. Fold each each side in. It’ll be obvious where to fold them at.

5. Now you want to glue along the two side pieces, just where the bottom flap will cover them. Hold them closed with your fingers until dry or you can place them under something heavy.

6. You’re done! Wasn’t that crazy easy?

 You can always add some decorative stickers and other details. All of the paper and stickers I used are from a scrapbook paper booklet I found at Target. It’s the “Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Decorative Paper” by American Crafts.