Here a simple project you can do to cozy up your home or give as a gift this Fall.

Waechter’s Fine Fabrics – wool mohair and silk

Make a cozy organic throw.  Throws are so versatile – use them on your bed, a couch or chair, a bench (even outdoors!) or keep one or two in the car.

Near Sea Naturals

 You will need aproximately 2 yards for a 50″ x 70″ throw.  If the fabric is quite thick, you can bind the edges with soft, stretchy binding, or serge them.  If the fabric is finer, try serging the edges, folding them over 3/8″ and top-stitch close to the edge.

 Here are some sources for soft, organic fabrics:
 The Wool Connection – wool cashmere $24/yard
 Waechter’s Fine Fabrics – wool $29 – $45/yard
Near Sea Naturals – 100% organic merino wool  $55-$60/yard
Jasco Fabrics –  100% certified organic merino wool interlock boiled with eco-friendly detergent – $39/yard

Waechter’s Fine Fabrics – wool plaid
Waechter’s Fine Fabrics – wool slate and camel floral
Near Sea Naturals – organic merino wool interlock

 Do you have any other sources for cozy, organic fabrics and throws?  List them under comments!