Yesterday I hosted a Lemongrass Spa party and was so in love with the products that I wanted to tell you guys about them!

Lemongrass Spa is a small company of only around two thousand consultants in the US right now. It was started by a woman in Colorado who had gotten into making her own soaps! Lemongrass Spa makes all natural products which are made fresh (once you place an order, they make it; the products aren’t pre-made) in Colorado. It’s all organic and the ingredients are found in the US except the sea salt which comes from Israel. There are no parabens, fake dyes, artificial scents etc.  It is one of the most natural brands I have come across. It is also cruelty free.  The only animal ingredients are beeswax, honey, oil from horse tails (in the nail balm) and goats milk (in a certain soap) and there are many vegan products.

I plan on getting the body polish in lemon sorbet, walnut foot scrubcandy cane bath crystalspomegranate facial mask and the cucumber eye creme. These are all vegan. I got to try them all and was very impressed.

I’d highly recommend the face and foot kits! We did facials and foot baths at the party and both my face and feet still feel and looking amazing the day after.  I also really like the lip shimmer/balms which were very moisturizing. The mascara and body icing are very popular. The bug spray is also great as it is safe to use on pets as well as people. I’m sure I could rave about every product after trying it though!

I’m eager to spread the word about this company because it’s great to see one so focused on keeping products natural and full of ingredients that are actually GOOD for us rather than harmful.  Let’s make companies like this popular instead of Mary Kay, Bath and Body Works and so on that use too many fillers in their products.

 If you want to place an order, you can do so HERE. Shipping is only $3! My party closes Friday night so you won’t be charged until then. If you are wondering about ingredients and don’t see it listed, just message the consultant Jessica! She has a list on hand and is very sweet and helpful.